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Bijou Tresor carries all sorts offashion bracelets to choose from. Fashion jewelry is designed to draw attention, and our fashion bracelets will do just that. If you need to make a statement, wear show stopper bracelets, cuff bracelets, or bangle bracelets. Adorned with sparkly Swarovski crystals, these have pizzazz! Try one on each arm!

If you want to turn heads, but have a more subtle taste for fashion jewelry, vintage style bracelets are the right choice for you. And for that perfect compliment to a stunning wedding dress, try our bridal bracelets on your special day.

Whether you select distinguished vintage style bracelets, flamboyant show stopper bracelets, dazzling bangle bracelets, elegant bridal bracelets, or cuff bracelets with Swarovski crystals, you are sure to find a style for your unique personality at

Stars Cz Palm Cuff

Stars Cz Palm Cuff

Price: $320.00

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