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CZ Bracelets

While bridal jewelry shouldn’t detract attention from your wedding dress on the big day, elegant pieces of timeless fashion jewelry like a bridal bracelet can accent your wedding day beauty.

Our bridal bracelet collection, much like the rest of our bridal jewelry lines is usually presented in a timeless, traditional style with colors suitably matched to bridal gowns.  Since it’s bridal jewelry from Bijou Tresor, expect it to compliment your gown perfectly and add a bit of extra sparkle to your wedding décor.

Much of our bridal jewelry collection is purchased in jewelry sets at Bijou Tresor, meaning you can pair a bridal bracelet with a pair of bridal earrings or a bridal necklace.  In fact, it isn’t uncommon in our boutique jewelry store to have almost-brides visit us with their actual wedding gown so we can outfit them to the best of our fashion abilities.

Bridal Jewelry
That’s why we’re so passionate about our bridal jewelry collection at Bijou Tresor.  Whether it’s a simple bridal bracelet or something with a bit more lavish style, all of our bridal jewelry is designed to implement the best of both the traditional, Victorian era and modern elegance.

On top of that, our bridal jewelry is produced in such low numbers, that you can expect whatever pieces of bridal jewelry you purchase to be unique jewelry.

Fashion Bracelets
Our bridal bracelet collection might feature some of our most demure pieces, but plenty of fashion bracelets exist in other categories as well.

If you’re looking for our finest fashion bracelets in a non-bridal setting, check out our couture jewelry collection or our show stopper bracelets. No matter what your tastes, Bijou Tresor will have exuberant fashion bracelets to appease your fashion sense.