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Fashion bracelets are a must-have in any couture jewelry collection.  Bangle bracelets are the perfect fashion accessories for casual outfits or even formal attire.  Larger cuff bracelets can serve as bolder fashion jewelry and really stand out during any occasion.

At, our fashion bracelets collection is anything but reserved - we specialize in bold and beautiful! Our bracelets usually exhibit extravagance - think elaborate color, sparkle and shine.  Browse our Swarovski bracelets for the ultimate sparkle and color achieved through Swarovski crystal accents.

Finding Fashion Jewelry for Spring Break

Finding Fashion Jewelry for Spring Break

With Spring Break just around the corner; typically coming at the end of March/beginning of April, you have probably already begun getting into shape and shopping for bikinis. But have you put any thought into what accessories you will need to go with your outfit?

Christina Milian Stuns at Grammy Party Wearing Bijou Trésor Jewelry!

Christina Milian Stuns at Grammy Party Wearing Bijou Trésor Jewelry!

Adele and Nicki Minaj may have been the big stories at the Grammy awards ceremony Sunday at The Staples Center, but Christina Milian turned heads at the pre-Grammy ROCNATION luncheon. The striking singer even upstaged Katie Perry and Rihanna in her gorgeous green Basil Soda dress.

For certain occasions, Bijou Tresor offers more austere fashion bracelets, especially in our bridal jewelry collection. Be sure to check our jewelry sets as well for fashion bracelets paired with fashion earrings, cubic zirconia rings and other fine boutique jewelry sold as a package deal.

Fashion Bracelets
Our couture jewelry in the fashion bracelets category is designed to stand out…if you’re not turning heads and getting compliments on your fashion jewelry, then we haven’t done our job!

At Bijou Tresor, we take fashion bracelets over the top.  We love bold sizes, fabulous contours and exuberant color.  We’ll usually have gorgeous fashion bracelets in a variety of styles, from bangle and cuff bracelets to bridal jewelry.  For our most unique fashion bracelets, visit our couture jewelry collection.

Bangle Bracelets
Bangle bracelets are some of the most popular fashion bracelets in our collection.  A bangle bracelet is usually a loose-fitting bracelet without a clasp that hangs high on the arm, low around the wrist or sometimes worn on the ankle.

At Bijou Tresor, our bangle bracelets are anything but run-of-the-mill—we specialize in brilliant fashion jewelry pieces somewhat larger than average that contain bold accentuations.  True pieces of fashion jewelry, our bangle bracelets are usually full of bright color and often accented with Swarovski crystals.

Cuff Bracelets
Cuff bracelets can accent evening wear for formal occasions or simply add a splash of extravagance to casual outfits. Cuff bracelets are just what they sound like, bracelets meat to be worn around the wrist, usually with greater widths that cover your wrist like the cuff of a shirt.  Cuff bracelets can be loose or tight around the wrist.

Some of our more popular fashion jewelry pieces, cuff bracelets at Bijou Tresor are usually quite extravagant with vibrant color and unique accents. 

Bridal Bracelets
When you need bridal jewelry for your special day, Bijou has got just the traditional look for the occasion within our bridal bracelets collection.  In our Beverly Hills showroom, we’ve helped countless brides match the perfect bridal jewelry to their gowns and wedding dresses.

Check out our bridal bracelets to make you shine on your big day.  We’ve also got other bridal jewelry collections like the fashion necklace or fashion earrings.

Show Stopper Bracelets
Ah, theshow stopper bracelet—Bijou Tresor reserves this title for our most stunning fashion jewelry pieces.  These are the pieces of fashion jewelry that would make paparazzi shift their camera’s focus to your wrist.

Expect any of the show stopper bracelets in our collection to win you the most compliments and turn the most heads.  For some of our most stunning pieces, check out our couture jewelry collection.  

Vintage Style Bracelets
Vintage style jewelry is quite fashionable these days and Bijou Tresor carries some vintage style bracelets to satisfy your wrist’s retro cravings.  While we don’t carry vintage bracelets or other vintage jewelry in our line, we do offer new options from boutique jewelry makers that are designed to appear antique.

Our vintage style bracelets and other jewelry in the same style is usually picked to represent the lavish styles of international royalty.  Don’t think 70s, think Victorian or Grecian, with lavish ornamentation and the striking color of precious metals.

Swarovski Bracelets
Swarovski bracelets are probably the best representation of Bijou Tresor’s overall style and brand.  Our line of fashion jewelry is meant to be seen and heard loudly! Nothing quite bridges the gap of flamboyant color and sparkle with pure class than Swarovski crystals. Typically, our Swarovski bracelets are designed by boutique jewelry makers that are bejeweled with Swarovski crystals.  Check out the Swarovski jewelry category for fashion necklaces, fashion earrings and other couture jewelry with Swarovski appointments.