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Fashion Bracelets

Our collection of fashion bracelets are some of the most fun pieces of couture jewelry we carry at Bijou Tresor, from casual to formally ornamented bangle bracelets to shop-stopper cuff bracelets adorned with Swarovski crystals.

Most fashion jewelry collections are pretty diversified with fashion bracelets because they’ll accent any outfit.  There are fashion bracelets in just about every size, color and taste you can imagine. Whether it’s a jeweled bangle bracelet to liven up your weekend wear or a dazzling Swarovski bracelet to stop the show at a special occasion, count on Bijou Tresor to carry the bold and the beautiful.

Our fashion bracelets tend to fit our theme of boisterous, elegant jewelry that embraces bold contour and bright, sparkly ornamentation.  For more elegant fashion bracelets, browse our bridal jewelry collection.

Bangle Bracelets
Bangle bracelets are typically defined as looser fashion bracelets, often with no clasp, that are worn high on the arm, loosely at the wrist or down at the ankle.

Bangle bracelets will vary pretty greatly in length an ornamentation, from thin rings that jangle and hang at the wrist to wide, ornamented colorful pieces of fashion jewelry meant to glimmer and get noticed.

Fashion Jewelry
All of the fashion jewelry we carry at Bijou Tresor is designed by boutique jewelry makers in low numbers—don’t expect to run into anyone at the same party wearing the same piece as you might find from larger jewelry outlets.

Whether it’s a piece in our bracelets category or any other piece of fashion jewelry, expect Bijou Tresor to offer unique jewelry with bold looks at great prices.