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Bridal jewelry at Bijou Tresor is made up of some of our most elegant fashion jewelry. We believe in making you look beautiful for your special day and reserve our bet fashion jewelry in our bridal collection in order to do so.

Bridal jewelry is usually rather timeless, classic or austere, typically staying within the gold, silver or platinum color scheme.  While our fashion jewelry at Bijou Tresor is typically much more over the top than conservative, our bridal jewelry attempts to bridge the gap, offering a princess-like look while still making sure all eyes are on the bride while you take you vows or lead in ceremonies.

Clear CZ Mult-drop Necklace Set

Clear CZ Mult-drop Necklace Set

Price: $350.00

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Clear CZ Single Drop Necklace

Clear CZ Single Drop Necklace

Price: $315.00

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Bridal Bracelet
Many types of bracelets will accent gowns, but a very limited few can actually accent a wedding dress and become part of Bijou Tresor’s bridal bracelet collection. Our bridal bracelet line is designed to subtly magnify the beauty of your wedding dress on your special day.

Whether bangle bracelets, cuff bracelets or something with Swarovski crystals, Bijou will have a variety of fashion jewelry bridal bracelets to make your special day that much more special

Bridal Earring
The bridal earring should be demure and subtle enough to avoid drawing attention from your gown, but attractive enough to draw attention to your face.  Bijou Tresor’s tasteful bridal earring collection will blend timeless style and modern sparkle to make your gown look perfect.

So what vibe do pieces in’s bridal earring collection share? Conservative color but lavish contour and high quality accents like precious metal color or Swarovski crystals.

Bridal Ring
Don’t look for diamond engagement rings here, but does carry a bridal ring line within our bridal jewelry. Our bridal rings will be subtle accents to your wedding party gowns, or maybe just fashion jewelry inspired by celebrity weddings or Royal Weddings.

Bridal Necklace
A bridal necklace can accent your hair as well as your face and gown. Draw attention to the most beautiful part of your wedding by picking up a timeless piece of bridal jewelry from Bijou Tresor.

What can you expect from Bijou Tresor bridal necklaces? Pure brilliance.  Precious metal looks and Swarovski crystal sparkle.

Swarovski Jewelry
Swarovski jewelry makes up a big part of our bridal jewelry collection at Bijou Tresor. Swarovski chandeliers adorn some of the most timeless buildings and landmarks in the world.  Their refracting light properties and brilliant color make them a natural selection for boutique jewelry makers when bridal jewelry needs to similarly adorn your special day’s décor.