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Bridal Earrings

On the day of your wedding, you want your guests to stand in awe of your beautiful dress. Our bridal jewelry collection is designed to compliment your wedding dress with subtlety and elegance.  Lovely bridal earrings will bring tears to onlookers as you march down the aisle.

Along with more traditional pieces of bridal jewelry, Bijou Tresor also offers pieces with brilliant accents like Swarovski crystals or cubic zirconia. Radiant bridal earrings match with our other bridal jewelry to create a stunning display to match the significance of this festive day.

Much of our bridal jewelry is available in jewelry sets, which pair fashion earrings with matching elegant pieces of fashion jewelry, including hair accessories, necklaces and more.

Bridal Jewelry
Bijou Tresor understands that this is the Big Day; your wedding. We believe your bridal jewelry should be designed to be photogenic, so you can enjoy the images of your wedding for decades following. These treasured memories will last as long as your marriage with our beautiful bridal jewelry collections.

The bridal jewelry we sell is produced in low quantities by boutique jewelry makers. If you are looking for truly unique bridal earrings, bridal necklaces, and other bridal jewelry, is an excellent place to search.

Swarovski Crystals
While many brides prefer subtle, delicate bridal jewelry, they would be surprised to learn that luxury jewelry often accents a wedding gown just as well, much like the frame on a painting. Swarovski crystals can be the perfect compliment to a flowing white dress that will leave the wedding guests stunned at your magnificent beauty.

The dazzling sparkle of the Swarovski crystals adorning your bridal earrings and fashion accessories is sure to leave a lasting memory to be cherished for years.