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Fashion Earrings

Bijou Tresor’s fashion earrings line will wow you with color and fine fashion jewelry appointments like cubic zirconium and Swarovski Crystals.  Whether it’s dangling earrings, drop earrings or crystal earrings, Bijou Tresor has the perfect pair for any occasion, casual or formal.

Fashion earrings are some of the most popular pieces of fashion jewelry we sell at Bijou Tresor. Our couture earrings will exude bright and beautiful extravagance - whether it’s a pair of brilliant Swarovski earrings or something for our bridal earrings collection, Bijou has the perfect fashion jewelry to accent your face.

Dangling Earrings
Many of the jewelry in our fashion earrings category are dangling earrings. Think fine gemstones, shapes and patterns hung in series from fine silver or gold-colored earrings. At Bijou Tresor, we love bold and beautiful.  Expect our fashion earrings to wow onlookers at any occasion.  

Dangling earrings add some jingle to your fashion as well as color.  Expect a pair of dangling earrings to hang from your ears like a pair of fine Swarovski chandeliers. .

Drop Earrings
Round drop earrings, pear drop earrings and teardrop earrings make up a large part of our fashion earrings collection at as well. Whether they’re circle drop earrings or cascading gemstones, don’t expect our fashion earrings to take a backseat to any part of your outfit.

Many of our drop earrings will be accented with colorful gemstones cubic zirconium or even Swarovski crystals.

Crystal Earrings
Crystal earrings are a large part of our fashion earrings collection at as well. Cubic zirconia or Swarovski, our crystal earrings will shimmer like chandeliers in a grand cathedral.

Swarovski earrings will consist of fashion earrings adorned with fine, authentic Swarovski crystals.  Cubic zrirconia earrings will add the sparkle of diamonds to your fashion earrings without diamond prices.

Browse our crystal earrings in our fashion earrings, bridal earrings and Swarovski earrings categories.