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Crystallized Home Decor

Fashion jewelry doesn’t have to be restricted to your body or fashion accessories, at Bijou Tresor, we also offer fine artisan pieces of Crystallized Home Decor as examples of fine fashion furniture, built with elegant accents like authentic Swarovski crystals.

Pieces like crystallized frames or beautiful crystallized mirrors lined with Swarovski crystals can offer a frame of fashion jewelry around faces on the home front.

Fashion Furniture
All of our fashion furniture, from frames and mirrors to gorgeous statuettes come of the finest and most artistic design. Our bejeweled home décor is hand set with beautiful appointments like fine, authentic Swarovski crystals to compliment your home just like our unique, fashion jewelry compliments your outfits.  

Whether it’s crystallized clocks or crystallized candle holders, our fashion furniture collection allows as much bling as your home can handle.  Check out our bejeweled home décor collection and call us to talk to an agent about a particular piece.

Swarovski Crystals
Swarovski crystals adorn a good portion of our bejeweled home décor collection.  Swarovski crystals are known for their fantastic light refracting properties, precision cut and beautiful stunning color.

Since Swarovski crystals can be found on some of the finest pieces of fashion furniture throughout the world, including chandeliers in the Palace of Versailles and the New Your Metropolitan Opera, they’ll fit right into your home décor if the same timeless elegance is the look you’re going for.  Browse our bejeweled home décor category and call us today for more information!