Accessorizing Your Favorite LBD (Little Black Dress)!

The wonderful thing about the little black dress is that it doesn’t draw attention to itself and looks like a different dress on each person. Accessories such as jewelry, scarves, and shoes help set each dress apart. Its best to accessorize according to the occasion, so choose accessories that accentuate your assets to stand out from the rest.

Fashion Tips

Multi-drop Zirconite Pave Set Rhodium Plated Leaf CZ Necklace

Divide your little black dresses into two categories; those that have their own focal point, like an intricate neckline, sleeves,or  bead work, and the plain and simple ones. Dresses with their own focal points need very little accessorizing. A dash of color for the daytime or a hint of sparkle with jewelry for the nights are all that you need to get going. Read more of this post

Diamonds VS Cubic Zirconia (CZ)

Cubic zirconia is a synthetic stone that closely resembles diamonds. Cubic zirconia (CZ) is the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. CZ’s are Diamond look-a-likes that are man-made and grown in laboratories. The gemstone is hard and usually colorless, although it can be made in a number of different colors. Because of the close similarity between CZ and real diamonds, CZ has become an extremely popular and more affordable substitute to real diamond jewelry. Read more of this post

How to Accessorize a One-Shoulder Dress

One of the most beautiful silhouettes is the one shoulder dress. Most times it can be very difficult to accessorize a necklace or even other jewelry pieces. In today’s blog, we will eliminate all worries, and make this the “it dress” of your summer!

So why is this dress so difficult to accessorize? Well, one side of the neckline of the dress runs higher than the other, giving an asymmetrical shape. This can be a dilemma when you’ve been looking for the perfect night to wear your dress and your favorite necklace. Read more of this post