Finding Fashion Jewelry for Spring Break

With Spring Break just around the corner; typically coming at the end of March/beginning of April, you have probably already begun getting into shape and shopping for bikinis. But have you put any thought into what accessories you will need to go with your outfit? Read more of this post

Christina Milian Stuns at Grammy Party Wearing Bijou Trésor Jewelry!

Adele and Nicki Minaj may have been the big stories at the Grammy awards ceremony Sunday at The Staples Center, but Christina Milian turned heads at the pre-Grammy ROCNATION luncheon. The striking singer even upstaged Katie Perry and Rihanna in her gorgeous green Basil Soda dress. Read more of this post

Fashion Jewelry Trends for Spring 2012

With the Vernal Equinox just a month away and the weather beginning to heat up, customers have been asking us at Bijou Trésor what we expect to be the big fashion jewelry trends for Spring of 2012. So we have compiled a list of items that we expect to be popular so you can blossom with the daisies, roses, daffodils, and irises!

Light Colors

Ruby Multishape CZ Statement Fashion Bracelet

Like hibernating bears leaving their caves, spring marks the awakening of the color pallet. Whereas bold colors like black, purple, maroon, and navy blend seamlessly with the darkness of winter, spring allows for softer tones. Sorbet color schemes with light pinks, purples, yellows, oranges, lime, and of course white comprise the rainbow of March through May.

This exquisite Ruby Multishape CZ Statement Fashion Bracelet is a stunning example. The white cubic zirconia is patterned to contain soft ruby jewels that simply dazzle. Whether it is a mildly drizzly morning or a fabulously sunny afternoon, your wrist will radiate with these fashion bracelets.


Flower Rings

Kin Golden Rose Ring

If you want to be in bloom like Nirvana this spring, don’t beat around the bush; become the bush. The rose bush, that is.

Spring is the season of renewal, new life, and growth. So while chicks are hatching from eggs, baby critters are learning to walk, and flowers are bursting from the soil, you should share in that rebirth with new fashion jewelry. And what better way to symbolize your solidarity with Mother Nature than to actually represent her loveliest flowers upon your fingers.

Large Flower with Rose Swarovski Crystals Adjustable Ring


Within Bijou Trésor’s fashion rings collection, you will find beautiful flower rings such as this Kin Golden Rose Ring or the Large Flower with Rose Swarovski Crystals Adjustable Ring. Both of these lovely pieces are expertly crafted and display your free-spirited personality to the world.

Vintage Style Jewelry

Vintage style jewelry harkens back to days of old, sometimes to the fairly recent Elizabethan Era and other times to the long-ago of ancient Greece and Rome. Whatever the historical period, the styles of those times remain relevant today.

Vintage Waterfall Amethyst Swarovski Crystal Designer Choker

The George Santayana quote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” does not apply to the world of fashion jewelry. For the past is simply another treasure chest of ideas from which to draw inspiration. And repeating that fashion is not being “condemned;” rather, it is a renewal of such styles, much like the spring flowers emerging from the dirt of the previous year’s florae.

See how this Vintage Waterfall Amethyst Swarovski Crystal Designer Choker combines elements of ancient Europe with modern American sensibilities in a rebirth of antique elegance. You will turn heads while strutting into a room wearing this vintage style necklace.


Fashion Jewelry

For more predictions for fashion jewelry trends for 2012, check out this previous blog post. And feel free to browse Bijou Trésor’s collections for further pieces of fashion jewelry that will complete you outfit, or spawn new ideas for a style that is uniquely you.


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Fashion Jewelry Trends for 2012

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Fashion Jewelry for the Holidays

Amaryllis CZ Necklace Set

Thanksgiving kicks off the start of the holiday season and the largest spending period of the calendar year. Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year, with retailers typically opening their businesses as early as 4 A.M. A few stores are even opening their doors at midnight this year!

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Style Fashion Week LA Recap, Octavio Carlin, Gypsy 05, Nicolita, Stop Staring!

If you were lucky enough to find an invite to this year’s Style Fashion Week LA, you definitely were treated to a fantastic industry party, plenty of Hollywood glamour and some spectacular runway performances by a slew of hot designers and even a few new emerging brands.

For those of you that missed it, here’s a little fall Style Fashion Week Los Angeles recap.

Style Fashion Week LA Recap

Just what is Style Fashion Week?  As you know, fashion weeks in cities like Milan or New York tend to draw a lot of press.  For whatever reason, Fashion Week in LA hasn’t been much of a high-production event in recent years.  In many ways, it takes a backseat to lots of Fashion Week events in more metro areas across the U.S. and some of the more glamour-minded cities throughout the fashion world.

But this year, things have been different.

Thanks to Style Fashion Week LA’s ability to showcase some extremely hot and emerging designers, many of whom are local to Southern California, this year’s performances have been pretty fantastic, causing some to go so far as to say they’ve put Fashion Week “back on the map” in LA. Read more of this post

Premiere Designer Collections: Feathers and Lace

Black Lace and Feathers Bracelet

Fashion is a fickle thing. One day you’re in, the next day you’re old news. This problem is compounded in Los Angeles and New York- fashion Meccas of North and South Americas- where everyone is competing to be stand out against nearly 10 million other citizens.

Luckily for you, Bijou Trésor, located in sunny Los Angeles and in its wealthier sister, Beverly Hills, has fashion tips to help you find the next top styles and avoid being behind the times. Read about the latest in fashion jewelry. Read more of this post

Fashion Styles: Couture Jewelry

Agate,Turquoise, River Rock and Drusy Neck. in Sterling Silver

The word “couture” comes from a French word meaning “dress making.” But that doesn’t mean Bijou Trésor’s couture jewelry will design an evening gown. Rather, it has been adopted to refer to the most fashionable pieces in a collection.

Our couture jewelry is amongst the pieces most likely to catch the eyes of onlookers and raise questions. If you want your fashion jewelry to be the topic of conversations, consider a nice couture jewelry piece that will evoke elegance, beauty, and extravagance perfect for parties, black-tie affairs, and red carpets. Read more of this post

Fashion Trends: Show Stopper Jewelry

Antinque Pink Blossom Ring

In the animal kingdom, creatures have adapted features to help them stand out from other members of their species in order to attract a mate. Peacocks have a vibrant array of colors on their tail feathers that they spread, baboons have bright red behinds, and some species of rainforest birds even build elaborate displays and dance around them. All of these adaptations have evolved just so male and female animals can mate.

Human beings have taken another route. Sure, we have physical attributes that members of the opposite sex find more appealing, but we also have something more advanced: fashion! Find out the role that fashion jewelry can take in completing an ensemble, attracting attention, and, yes, even finding a mate. Read more of this post

Swarovski Crystals: Sparkling Fashion Jewelry

It is well known amongst diamond experts and connoisseur of fine fashion jewelry that the cut of the diamond is actually more important than the size. This is because the cut actually determines how much luster and sparkle radiates from the gem. Even the smallest diamond can absolutely glow if it is cut properly. This is what makes Swarovski Crystals so unique from other gems used in fashion jewelry. Read more of this post