Symptoms of a Gold Allergy and How to Treat It

It can take years for a gold allergy to present itself to a causal fashion jewelry wearer. Most people only wear jewelry when they want to dress up, and then take it off afterwards. But when you get a piece of jewelry that you wear all the time, like bridal rings or a precious necklace, you start to notice the symptoms. Read more of this post

Fashion Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

February 14th aka VALENTINE’S DAY is today! You need to get your significant other a special gift, but last minute shopping does not allow you to pass by with just flowers and chocolates. You need something really special, so why not fashion jewelry? Read more of this post

2011 Celebrity Divorces, Engagements, and Marriages

Celebrity romances flourished in 2011, but so did breakups. Some of Hollywood’s finest actors and actresses, along with sports stars and musicians, got married or divorced. A few celebs even managed to do both in the same year!

So if you want to know the who’s who of celebrity divorces, engagements, and marriages, read on as we list off the couples who bought bridal jewelry this past year and those who signed divorce papers. Read more of this post

Winter Engagement: Bridal Jewelry

A winter engagement is the best Christmas present your girlfriend could ever imagine!

When it’s time to pop the question, there is no reason to draw it out any longer. And Christmastime is the best of the year! Everyone is joyful and merry and celebrating the holiday season. So add another facet to the excitement and propose. Your winter engagement is sure to be a marvelous time! Read more of this post

Premiere Designer Collections: Pavé Setting

Pavé Earrings Setting

Pavé Setting

The term Pave comes from the French term for pavement, because the style of jewelry is so similar to the streets of France. The look of this Pave Setting jewelry is very much like a cobblestone road and allows the designer to utilize as many diamonds, gems, cubic zirconium, or Swarovski crystals as possible.

For Pave Setting jewelry, the metal is punctured with divots that the gems are put into and secured into place. This is done multiple times, like a golf ball, until the entire metal is covered in magnificent jewels and very little metal is left exposed. The end effect is a brilliantly adorned piece or art that is sure to sparkle. Read more of this post

Show-Stopper Bridal Jewelry from Bijou Tresor

Bijou Tresor is not your average jewelry boutique in much the same way that your wedding day is not your average celebration.

Just as you’d like to remember your wedding day as one of the most beautiful experiences of your life, Bijou Tresor seems to hand-select stunning jewelry that stands out as some of the most beautiful and artistic pieces the international fashion jewelry world has to offer.

Read more of this post