Bijou Trésor Fashion Jewelry Displayed on American Idol Contestants

American Idol Jessica Sanchez Black & Rose Gold Ring

Last season of American Idol, we showed off some of the fashion jewelry we have in stock on finalist Lauren Alaina. Sadly, Lauren did not win, but she sure looked amazing!

During this season, the 11th for American Idol, our items have been on display with none other than finalist, and projected front-runner, Jessica Sanchez. She has worn a turquoise necklace, turquoise earrings, and ring from Bijou Trésor on three separate occasions en route to her finals showdown with Phillip Phillips. We wish Jessica good luck as she sings for the crown next week. Read more of this post

American Idol Finalist Jessica Sanchez Wears Bijou Trésor Jewelry

American Idol Jessica Sanchez Turquoise Squares Drop Necklace

Bijou Trésor has been outfitting American Idol contestants for a while now. We provided runner-up Lauren Alaina with some of the jewelry she wore on last season’s finale. Now, we have found lovely pieces for another Idol finalist, Jessica Sanchez.

On Thursday, Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips made the final two over Joshua Ledet and will face off for the title next week. She is already expected to be the favorite, regardless of how her final performances sound, but if there is one thing we’ve learned from American Idol, it is to never assume anything. Read more of this post

Christina Milian Rocks Swarovski Earrings on NBC’s “The Voice”

On Monday’s episode of NBC’s The Voice, the singing competition hosted by swivel-chair celebrities like Cee Lo and Adam Levine, show correspondent and pop star Christina Milian sported a pair of Swarovski crystal fashion earrings from Bijou Trésor. Read more of this post

Christina Milian Stuns at Grammy Party Wearing Bijou Trésor Jewelry!

Adele and Nicki Minaj may have been the big stories at the Grammy awards ceremony Sunday at The Staples Center, but Christina Milian turned heads at the pre-Grammy ROCNATION luncheon. The striking singer even upstaged Katie Perry and Rihanna in her gorgeous green Basil Soda dress. Read more of this post

Celebrity Fashion Trends: Kim Kardashian Inspired Earrings

Kim Kardashian Earrings

The Kardashian sisters, stars of the E! television program Keeping Up with the Kardashians, are fashion icons in Los Angeles. They can be seen sitting courtside at Lakers games, taking in a fashion show, and walking the red carpet at movie premiers. They are some of the top celebrity earners, pulling in millions each year from their shows, books, and other endorsements. Read more of this post

Hollywood Fashion Trends: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a trend setter who is always on the cutting edge of style. Whether it is wearing a dress made out of meat, emerging from an egg, or sprinkling copious amounts of glitter everywhere, Gaga is a Hollywood fashion icon.

Check out what Lady Gaga has to offer from her Swarovski Crystal Earrings. Read more of this post

Style Fashion Week LA Recap, Octavio Carlin, Gypsy 05, Nicolita, Stop Staring!

If you were lucky enough to find an invite to this year’s Style Fashion Week LA, you definitely were treated to a fantastic industry party, plenty of Hollywood glamour and some spectacular runway performances by a slew of hot designers and even a few new emerging brands.

For those of you that missed it, here’s a little fall Style Fashion Week Los Angeles recap.

Style Fashion Week LA Recap

Just what is Style Fashion Week?  As you know, fashion weeks in cities like Milan or New York tend to draw a lot of press.  For whatever reason, Fashion Week in LA hasn’t been much of a high-production event in recent years.  In many ways, it takes a backseat to lots of Fashion Week events in more metro areas across the U.S. and some of the more glamour-minded cities throughout the fashion world.

But this year, things have been different.

Thanks to Style Fashion Week LA’s ability to showcase some extremely hot and emerging designers, many of whom are local to Southern California, this year’s performances have been pretty fantastic, causing some to go so far as to say they’ve put Fashion Week “back on the map” in LA. Read more of this post

Taylor Armstrong Sports Bijou Trésor Fashion Jewelry

Style Fashion Week in Los Angeles celebrated the 2012 trends with runway shows, swanky parties, and celebrity sightings. With a focus on the spring and summer lines for 2012, along with new brands and trends, the festivities were considered a stunning success!

Looking to see and be seen, celebrities were scattered throughout the week’s events. Some big name superstars, like Beyoncé and Britney Spears, made appearances and enjoyed the general uplifting vibe.

Celebrity Fashion Trends

Sporting some of Bijou Trésor’s fashion jewelry was Taylor Armstrong of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This is a woman with class and taste, who famously said, “It may look like I have it all, but I want more.”

The second season of Real Housewives kicked off back in early September and has been well-received, following the Season 1 finale that pulled in a record 4.2 million viewers. Read more of this post

Tanaya Henry: Rising Fashion Designer

Tanaya Nefertiti Fashion Statement Necklace

For most people, the titles “model” and “actress” would be more than enough to sustain them. Tanaya Henry is not your average person, for in late 2009 she added “fashion designer” to her extensive résumé with her line of fashion jewelry, Lace by Tanaya.

With the belief that lace was the essence of feminine beauty, as it is intricate, delicate, and unique, Tanaya Henry used the substance as the inspiration for her fashion jewelry collection. Each piece is hand-made and imbued with superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. Read more of this post

Winter Fashion Trends: Vintage Style Jewelry

Serpentine Filigree Pendant with Sage Pearls

Whereas spring is the time for brilliant pastels, and summer for vibrant colors, fall and winter fashion trends tend to involve more muted, conservative tones. This is exactly why vintage style jewelry is such a hot… I mean appropriate… fashion accessory for these coming chilly months. Read more of this post