Style Fashion Week LA Recap, Octavio Carlin, Gypsy 05, Nicolita, Stop Staring!

If you were lucky enough to find an invite to this year’s Style Fashion Week LA, you definitely were treated to a fantastic industry party, plenty of Hollywood glamour and some spectacular runway performances by a slew of hot designers and even a few new emerging brands.

For those of you that missed it, here’s a little fall Style Fashion Week Los Angeles recap.

Style Fashion Week LA Recap

Just what is Style Fashion Week?  As you know, fashion weeks in cities like Milan or New York tend to draw a lot of press.  For whatever reason, Fashion Week in LA hasn’t been much of a high-production event in recent years.  In many ways, it takes a backseat to lots of Fashion Week events in more metro areas across the U.S. and some of the more glamour-minded cities throughout the fashion world.

But this year, things have been different.

Thanks to Style Fashion Week LA’s ability to showcase some extremely hot and emerging designers, many of whom are local to Southern California, this year’s performances have been pretty fantastic, causing some to go so far as to say they’ve put Fashion Week “back on the map” in LA. Read more of this post

Fashion Jewelry: Lauren Alaina of American Idol

Lauren Alaina Fashion JewelryThe entire 2011 season of Fox’s reality TV hit American Idol has featured fashion jewelry from Bijou Tresor during contestant performances.

For those unfamiliar with the entertainment industry or production world, celebrity jewelry you typically see adorning stars on prime time TV events rarely comes from the collections of the actors, actresses or musicians themselves. Instead, reputable designers and boutiques usually provide the wardrobe and accessories and professional stylists work in a very calculated manner to design stars’ on-camera costumes. Read more of this post