Style Fashion Week Night 3: Gypsy 05

After two amazing nights of runway shows from some fantastic Spring and Summer lines, the star of tonight’s runway performance was Gypsy 05. According to Gypsy 05’s Facebook profile, “The Style Fashion Week Gypsy 05 Fashion Show last night could not have been any better. It was such a success and absolutely gorgeous. Thanks to all of you amazing people who support Gypsy 05 and make it who it is…. We love you all ♥ the Gypsy 05 Team.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Gypsy 05

Gypsy 05, one of Hollywood’s hottest fashion lines, was started in 2005 by brother and sister Osi and Dotan Shoham. Creativity and free spirit run rampant in Gypsy 05’s collections and pieces.

Wednesday night was no exception—expect to see plenty of Gypsyz running around in the Spring and Summer of 2012…

Vibrant pastel color and super bright and eye-catching takes on fairly traditional and very wearable summer pieces, Gypsy 05’s runway show looked to be one of the most “sellable” lines of summer 2012 fashion that have been showcased thusfar at Style Fashion Week, Los Angeles.

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Premiere Designer Collections: Pavé Setting

Pavé Earrings Setting

Pavé Setting

The term Pave comes from the French term for pavement, because the style of jewelry is so similar to the streets of France. The look of this Pave Setting jewelry is very much like a cobblestone road and allows the designer to utilize as many diamonds, gems, cubic zirconium, or Swarovski crystals as possible.

For Pave Setting jewelry, the metal is punctured with divots that the gems are put into and secured into place. This is done multiple times, like a golf ball, until the entire metal is covered in magnificent jewels and very little metal is left exposed. The end effect is a brilliantly adorned piece or art that is sure to sparkle. Read more of this post