Difference between Fashion Jewelry & Costume Jewelry

If you are a person, who is looking to know the difference between fashion jewelry and costume jewelry, you are in the right place. I would like to discuss about this topic as many people are asking the same question over and over again. Costume jewelry is known as the earliest type of jewelry items, which was produced as an adornment for the common people. During the ancient time, for complimenting a particular costume, people where using costume jewelry. This practice basically started during the nineteen century. As this jewelry is made by using non reusable and cheap materials, it was basically purchased by the people to wear only with some specific outfit.

The main purpose of the costume jewelry was to use it only for a short span of time as they were made by using low quality products. Most of the ladies during ancient times had the collection of various costume jewelry depending on the outfits they wear. They were also using this jewelry as a trend. However, costume jewelries are not as expensive as the other original jewelry products. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a jewelry for a specific occasion, opting for this type of products will be the best option for you. Most of the costume jewelry is made by using materials such as Cusib Zirconia, Nickel Free Metals, Gemstone Glass as well as synthetic stones. Even though some manufacturers use other materials, they will have lesser value than diamond, gold or silver. They were also used as common fashion accessories during the ancient times.

However, if you are looking for jewelry products, which have better quality, opting for fashion jewelries will be the best option for you. Even though the manufactures will not use original gold or silver, most of the products are manufactured by using electroplated gold or gold with brass. There are also few manufacturers who use sterling silver with gemstones, crystals or even some semi precious stones.

However, if you ask me the main differences between these two jewelry types, it will be the quality, price and design. Therefore, it is very important to consider your requirements and buy jewelries. However, if you are looking to give some stylish appearances, opting for fashion jewelries will be the finest option for you. Moreover, you will be able to get the designs that will suit the present trends under the fashion category.

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