Fashion Jewelry Accessories: Luxury Watches

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In modern society, the watch is an outdated and antiquated piece of technology. Cell phones now come with digital clocks built right into the main menu, along with an entire calendar and date book. And EVERYBODY has a cell phone; you cannot survive in the business world without one. So what is the purpose of buying a watch?

To act as an incredible piece of fashion jewelry, of course!

Just because you don’t need to tell time doesn’t mean that you cannot find a nice piece of bling to accent an outfit for a job interview, social gathering, or an everyday occasion. When you are putting on fashion earrings, rings and bracelets, put on a luxury watch as well!

Fashion Jewelry

The point of fashion jewelry is to make you look spectacular. It is well documented that looks impact how people first perceive you. Wearing a classy-yet-stylish luxury watch will improve the first impression you make at a job interview or blind date; subconsciously it makes the viewer’s interest increase.

Luxury watches, in particular, show a sense of style and personality that can magnify the impression your personality makes when meeting a new person.

Quick question: What is the first thing you do when you meet someone new?

Answer: You shake his or her hand and introduce yourself.

When someone shakes my hand, you better believe I notice if he is wearing a Rolex or other fancy schmancy watch. And that sort of thing makes a HUGE impact.

Luxury Watches

Want to say more without saying anything at all? Luxury watches can be all the difference in making a statement.

Bijou Trésor has a wide array of luxury watches from numerous different brands. They come in both women’s and men’s jewelry collections, so regardless of gender you can find one that you want.

Here are some fashion jewelry luxury watches for women. This pink piece from Moog Paris is a great choice that is sure to attract attention. Or try this Pink Stainless Steel Chronograph from Giorgio Milano will compliment your business attire.

Out of the men’s jewelry collections, this sleek Exotic Ceramic Skeleton Black from Android is bound to impress. And The Classic black band with gold face from Bourgeois is for savvy trendsetters.

When you want to make an extra OOMPH! at your interviews, dates, or parties, consider the classiness of luxury watches.

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