Bijou Trésor Fashion Jewelry Displayed on American Idol Contestants

American Idol Jessica Sanchez Black & Rose Gold Ring

Last season of American Idol, we showed off some of the fashion jewelry we have in stock on finalist Lauren Alaina. Sadly, Lauren did not win, but she sure looked amazing!

During this season, the 11th for American Idol, our items have been on display with none other than finalist, and projected front-runner, Jessica Sanchez. She has worn a turquoise necklace, turquoise earrings, and ring from Bijou Trésor on three separate occasions en route to her finals showdown with Phillip Phillips. We wish Jessica good luck as she sings for the crown next week. Read more of this post

American Idol Finalist Jessica Sanchez Wears Bijou Trésor Jewelry

American Idol Jessica Sanchez Turquoise Squares Drop Necklace

Bijou Trésor has been outfitting American Idol contestants for a while now. We provided runner-up Lauren Alaina with some of the jewelry she wore on last season’s finale. Now, we have found lovely pieces for another Idol finalist, Jessica Sanchez.

On Thursday, Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips made the final two over Joshua Ledet and will face off for the title next week. She is already expected to be the favorite, regardless of how her final performances sound, but if there is one thing we’ve learned from American Idol, it is to never assume anything. Read more of this post

Show-Stopper Bridal Jewelry from Bijou Tresor

Bijou Tresor is not your average jewelry boutique in much the same way that your wedding day is not your average celebration.

Just as you’d like to remember your wedding day as one of the most beautiful experiences of your life, Bijou Tresor seems to hand-select stunning jewelry that stands out as some of the most beautiful and artistic pieces the international fashion jewelry world has to offer.

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Fashion Jewelry: Lauren Alaina of American Idol

Lauren Alaina Fashion JewelryThe entire 2011 season of Fox’s reality TV hit American Idol has featured fashion jewelry from Bijou Tresor during contestant performances.

For those unfamiliar with the entertainment industry or production world, celebrity jewelry you typically see adorning stars on prime time TV events rarely comes from the collections of the actors, actresses or musicians themselves. Instead, reputable designers and boutiques usually provide the wardrobe and accessories and professional stylists work in a very calculated manner to design stars’ on-camera costumes. Read more of this post