Need a Mother’s Day Gift? Try Fashion Jewelry

Light Topaz Swarovski Crystal Pendant with Flexible Choker

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, less than three weeks away on May 13th, so it is time to start thinking about what gift you want to buy.

Remember, this is the woman who carried you for nine months, gave birth to you, raised you, and molded you into the fine woman or man you are today. So what is appropriate?

Bouquets are beautiful and always appreciated. But that seems like a good start, not an entire gift.

A spa day, movie outing, or brunch can be nice, but is that really special enough for Mother’s Day? Read more of this post

Winter Fashion Trends: Vintage Style Jewelry

Serpentine Filigree Pendant with Sage Pearls

Whereas spring is the time for brilliant pastels, and summer for vibrant colors, fall and winter fashion trends tend to involve more muted, conservative tones. This is exactly why vintage style jewelry is such a hot… I mean appropriate… fashion accessory for these coming chilly months. Read more of this post

Fashion Jewelry Accessories: Luxury Watches

Bourgeouis Cosmopolitan

In modern society, the watch is an outdated and antiquated piece of technology. Cell phones now come with digital clocks built right into the main menu, along with an entire calendar and date book. And EVERYBODY has a cell phone; you cannot survive in the business world without one. So what is the purpose of buying a watch?

To act as an incredible piece of fashion jewelry, of course! Read more of this post

Fashion Jewelry Trends: Lace by Tanaya

One rising trend within the fashion community is the new brand Lace by Tanaya, a unique fashion jewelry line from actress/model Tanaya Henry. Inspired by her love of lace and lacy products, in 2009 Tanaya created the Lace by Tanaya brand. She believes that lace is the epitome of feminine beauty; each strand of lace is unique and crafted with attention to detail. With this inspiration, Tanaya transformed the style from cloth to her fashion jewelry collection.

Tanaya’s Earlace

Along with the sophisticated lace-style, Lace by Tanaya features a brand new type of jewelry: the earlace.

What is an earlace? Just like it sounds, the earlace is a combination of fashion earrings and fashion necklaces into one fabulous product. Whereas normal necklaces rest on the neck and shoulders, earlaces dangle from the ears, allowing for the fashion jewelry piece to be admired from a distance. Typical necklaces don’t always stand out, but the earlace is sure to grab attention with its luster.

Each of Tanaya’s earlaces is hand-crafted and infused with the finest quality Czech crystals. This is a fantastic piece of show stopper jewelry, not just because of its uniqueness but in quality as well. Female wearers are sure to turn heads with this trend-worthy fashion jewelry. Read more of this post

Hollywood Fashion Watch: Summer Fashion

Summer evokes images of picnics, water parks, baseball, 4th of July, and beaches. But, most of all, the summer means plenty of sun. What better way to celebrate the sunshine than with dazzling fashion jewelry that catches the rays and reflects them in thousands of directions?

Two current styles of celebrity jewelry are chunky necklaces and brilliant emeralds that radiate with a dazzling green hue. Here’s the breakdown of celebrity trends with Bijou Trésor’s Hollywood Fashion Watch: Summer Fasion! Read more of this post

Show-Stopper Bridal Jewelry from Bijou Tresor

Bijou Tresor is not your average jewelry boutique in much the same way that your wedding day is not your average celebration.

Just as you’d like to remember your wedding day as one of the most beautiful experiences of your life, Bijou Tresor seems to hand-select stunning jewelry that stands out as some of the most beautiful and artistic pieces the international fashion jewelry world has to offer.

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Fashion Jewelry Video: Bijou Tresors Fiery TV Spot

If you’ve ever been a Bijou Tresor customer or you’ve browsed our site’s fashion jewelry, then you definitely know our fashion sense is by no means meek. Almost all of our couture jewelry teems with color, articulate contours and extremely glamorous appointments like cubic zirconium or authentic Swarovski crystals.

Well, that bold and edgy style is definitely portrayed nicely in this television commercial we produced for our fashion jewelry line and brand. Read more of this post

Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Swarovski Crystal JewelryAt Bijou Tresor, we love fashion jewelry that’s bold, exciting and extravagant. If any type of fashion jewelry exemplifies our tastes, it’s definitely Swarovski Crystal jewelry.

Swarovski crystals are currently part of a large fashion trend to accentuate color, sparkle and a unique flare. Swarovski crystals are currently implemented in products far beyond fashion jewelry – you’ll find  them adorned on fabrics put out by clothing lines such as D&G, Chanel and Louis Vuitton as well as in figurines, collectables and even chandeliers and other lighting accent furniture.  But the major line within the Swarovski crystal industry is currently fashion jewelry, including the company’s own line of stunning couture items, watches and the like—and what unique jewelry it is! Read more of this post