Kickin’ Off the Summer With All The Hottest Fashions!

The Solstice was a few weeks back and the 4th of July just ended with a bang, so now it is time to focus on the upcoming dog days of summer. Even though it seems that summer is winding down, there is still plenty more to get excited for! July has barely started, the entire month of August awaits, and school doesn’t start back up until September.

That leaves two whole months and change for summer festivals, sunshine, barbeques, bikinis, block parties, rollerblading, baseball games, SPF, beach volleyball, cruising with the top down, Call Me Maybe, flirting at the pool, roller coasters, long walks at sunset, and, most of all, sporting the finest summer fashions. Read more of this post

Hollywood Fashion Watch: Summer Fashion

Summer evokes images of picnics, water parks, baseball, 4th of July, and beaches. But, most of all, the summer means plenty of sun. What better way to celebrate the sunshine than with dazzling fashion jewelry that catches the rays and reflects them in thousands of directions?

Two current styles of celebrity jewelry are chunky necklaces and brilliant emeralds that radiate with a dazzling green hue. Here’s the breakdown of celebrity trends with Bijou Trésor’s Hollywood Fashion Watch: Summer Fasion! Read more of this post