Featured Jewelry Items from Bijou Trésor

Take a look at these Bijou Trésor featured pieces of jewelry. Our associates scour the latest trends, fashion shows, and consumer tendencies to find select items to present on our website. We have chosen some of our favorites and displayed them in this blog.

Pale Gold and Golden Shadow Marquise Fiona Ring

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Christina Milian Rocks Swarovski Earrings on NBC’s “The Voice”

On Monday’s episode of NBC’s The Voice, the singing competition hosted by swivel-chair celebrities like Cee Lo and Adam Levine, show correspondent and pop star Christina Milian sported a pair of Swarovski crystal fashion earrings from Bijou Trésor. Read more of this post

Christina Milian Stuns at Grammy Party Wearing Bijou Trésor Jewelry!

Adele and Nicki Minaj may have been the big stories at the Grammy awards ceremony Sunday at The Staples Center, but Christina Milian turned heads at the pre-Grammy ROCNATION luncheon. The striking singer even upstaged Katie Perry and Rihanna in her gorgeous green Basil Soda dress. Read more of this post

Stephanie Browne Australia

Stephanie Browne Australia is a rising fashion jewelry designer from, you guessed it, Australia. Her most famous pieces tend to be directed towards the head and hair, including berets, tiaras, combs, and hair clips. Along with her headpieces, she also designs fashion earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, and other jewelry. Read more of this post

Hollywood Fashion Trends: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a trend setter who is always on the cutting edge of style. Whether it is wearing a dress made out of meat, emerging from an egg, or sprinkling copious amounts of glitter everywhere, Gaga is a Hollywood fashion icon.

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Premiere Designs: Roberta Chiarella

Roberta Chiarella Noble Necklace

Roberta Chiarella began training in design with the help of her success father, Joseph Chiarella, who worked as an advertising art director and illustrator. Roberta then graduated from Parson’s School of Design in New York City.

She started her career at Clinique Laboratories, first as an art director, producer, and package designer, and then expanded to L’Oreal’s Designer Fragnance Division, overseeing top brands like Ralph Lauren, Paloma Picasso, and Giorgio Armani.

Later in her career, Roberta Chiarella changed from creative director to fashion jewelry designer with an exhibit of her earliest creations at The American Craft Museum. Read more of this post

Winter Fashion Trends: Vintage Style Jewelry

Serpentine Filigree Pendant with Sage Pearls

Whereas spring is the time for brilliant pastels, and summer for vibrant colors, fall and winter fashion trends tend to involve more muted, conservative tones. This is exactly why vintage style jewelry is such a hot… I mean appropriate… fashion accessory for these coming chilly months. Read more of this post

Fashion Styles: Couture Jewelry

Agate,Turquoise, River Rock and Drusy Neck. in Sterling Silver

The word “couture” comes from a French word meaning “dress making.” But that doesn’t mean Bijou Trésor’s couture jewelry will design an evening gown. Rather, it has been adopted to refer to the most fashionable pieces in a collection.

Our couture jewelry is amongst the pieces most likely to catch the eyes of onlookers and raise questions. If you want your fashion jewelry to be the topic of conversations, consider a nice couture jewelry piece that will evoke elegance, beauty, and extravagance perfect for parties, black-tie affairs, and red carpets. Read more of this post

Fashion Trends: Show Stopper Jewelry

Antinque Pink Blossom Ring

In the animal kingdom, creatures have adapted features to help them stand out from other members of their species in order to attract a mate. Peacocks have a vibrant array of colors on their tail feathers that they spread, baboons have bright red behinds, and some species of rainforest birds even build elaborate displays and dance around them. All of these adaptations have evolved just so male and female animals can mate.

Human beings have taken another route. Sure, we have physical attributes that members of the opposite sex find more appealing, but we also have something more advanced: fashion! Find out the role that fashion jewelry can take in completing an ensemble, attracting attention, and, yes, even finding a mate. Read more of this post

Swarovski Crystals: Sparkling Fashion Jewelry

It is well known amongst diamond experts and connoisseur of fine fashion jewelry that the cut of the diamond is actually more important than the size. This is because the cut actually determines how much luster and sparkle radiates from the gem. Even the smallest diamond can absolutely glow if it is cut properly. This is what makes Swarovski Crystals so unique from other gems used in fashion jewelry. Read more of this post