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Luxury watches are a fantastic fashion accessory to accent any outfit, especially if you aren’t wearing bangle bracelets or other fashion jewelry around your wrist.

Though luxury watches are some of the more functional pieces of fashion jewelry because of their timepieces and other chronograph functions, the luxury watches that Bijou Tresor carries as part of their online jewelry store are designed to stand out and sparkle as much as our other extravagant pieces.

Fashion Jewelry Accessories: Luxury Watches

Fashion Jewelry Accessories: Luxury Watches

In modern society, the watch is an outdated and antiquated piece of technology. Cell phones now come with digital clocks built right into the main menu, along with an entire calendar and date book. And EVERYBODY has a cell phone; you cannot survive in the business world without one. So what is the purpose of buying a watch? To act as an incredible piece of fashion jewelry, of course!

Stainless steel or precious metals, Swarovski crystal bezels, cubic zirconia dazzles and appointments—our luxury watch collection offers all of the show-stopper style you’d come to expect from Bijou Tresor.  Models exist in both women’s and men’s jewelry.  Some luxury watch brands we offer include:

Based in Los Angeles, Bourgeois watches are a fastly growing part of the fashion jewelry scene. Adorned with fashion jewelry ornamentation, the sparkle of cubic zirconia and outstanding color piece to piece, count on Bourgeois timepieces to get noticed extremely often.

Bourgeois watches are luxury watches for casual or formal occasions. With noticeably unique faces like leopard prints or union jacks, count on Bourgeois watches to be fashion jewelry that keeps compliments circling as well as time.

Giorgio Milano
Specializing in both women’s fashion jewelry and men’s jewelry as well, Giorgio Milano creates luxury watches that would be classified as timeless if they didn’t actually keep time.

Giorgio Milano is a luxury timepiece brand established in 1994. They are world-renown luxury watches that sometimes carry more of a classic vibe of fashion jewelry, golds, blacks and precious metals, and other times carry a distinctly modern style with exuberant color and sparkle to accent your outfits.  Some contain cubic zirconia or Swarovski crystal appointments.

Android watches were founded in 1991.  Their luxury watches take more of a futuristic plunge than some of the other fashion jewelry collections we carry at Bijou Tresor. A good blend of functionality and style, Android watches carry a great deal of compliment producing power, especially for casual wear.

Usually a mix of high color contrasts or unique fashion jewelry shapes to the band or watch face, Android watches stand out as truly unique fashion jewelry.

Moog Paris
Moog Paris designs luxury watches with branding that isn’t merely a clever name.  Birthed in Paris, France, Moog Paris luxury watches exude everything Bijou Tresor’s line of fashion jewelry exemplifies.  Think gorgeous appointments like Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconia, Italian python leather and amazing color.

Moog Paris creates luxury watches with ridiculously fashion-forward designs.  Stunning for either casual or formal settings, Moog Paris luxury watches are built to dazzle onlookers and stimulate compliments.  Not fashion jewelry for the shy!