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Necklaces make up some of the most time honored and recognizable pieces of fashion jewelry. Whether it’s a stunning pearl bridal necklace or vintage style necklaces from the early days of Hollywood, fashion necklaces can launch ordinary outfits into show-stopper fashion statements.

Most of’s fashion necklace pieces could be considered couture jewelry - we specialize in extravagant fashion necklaces that boast eclectic fashion sense and lots of ornamentation. Think large and colorful gem stones, cubic zirconia necklaces, large clusters and Swarovski Crystals.

Accessorizing Your Favorite LBD (Little Black Dress)!

Accessorizing Your Favorite LBD (Little Black Dress)!

The wonderful thing about the little black dress is that it doesn't draw attention to itself and looks like a different dress on each person. Accessories such as jewelry, scarves, and shoes help set each dress apart. Its best to accessorize according to the occasion, so choose accessories that accentuate your assets to stand out from the rest.

Kickin' Off the Summer With All The Hottest Fashions!

Kickin’ Off the Summer With All The Hottest Fashions!

The Solstice was a few weeks back and the 4th of July just ended with a bang, so now it is time to focus on the upcoming dog days of summer. Even though it seems that summer is winding down, there is still plenty more to get excited for! July has barely started, the entire month of August awaits, and school doesn't start back up until September. That leaves two whole months and change for summer festivals, sunshine, barbeques, bikinis, block parties, rollerblading, baseball games, SPF, beach volleyball, cruising with the top down, Call Me Maybe, flirting at the pool, roller coasters, long walks at sunset, and, most of all, sporting the finest summer fashions.

Of course, we have several items that exhibit a more austere, classic fashion sense, particularly within our bridal jewelry collection, vintage style necklaces and cubic zirconia necklace collection. Read a bit more about each of our individual necklace categories below.

Fashion Necklaces
Couture jewelry in our fashion necklaces category can exhibit a pretty wide range of styles, but for the most part, they’ll contain some color, larger appointments and contours than our traditional necklaces and some type of extravagant accents or clusters.

Fashion necklaces at Bijou Tresor are meant to win you compliments, look and feel like custom fashion jewelry and take your casual or formal outfits over the top.  Fashion necklaces may also be available bundled with other fashion jewelry items in our jewelry sets category.

CZ Necklaces
CZ necklaces is an abbreviation for cubic zirconia necklaces—think full sparkle and ornamentation without the expensive diamonds! While you don’t want cubic zirconia on an engagement ring, cubic zirconia necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets can be a girl’s best friend.

Bijou Tresor carries CZ necklaces in both extravagantly stylish or classic and timeless styles.  Look for cubic zirconia necklaces to add some shimmer and sparkle to an evening gown or any formal or red carpet attire.

Bridal Necklace
When it comes to bridal jewelry, fewer pieces will be noticed as much as the actual wedding ring, but a bridal necklace from Bijou Tresor will definitely come close.  Designed to exude fairy-tale elegance, Bijou’s bridal jewelry collection offers something for any style to accent your big day.  Prefer a vintage style necklace with a Victorian design? Or a three-strand thin-profile bridal necklace?  Maybe something more lavish with large clusters or cubic zirconia sparkle?  Whatever your tastes in wedding décor, make sure you “something-new” bridal necklace comes from Bijou.

Show Stopper Necklaces
Show stopper necklaces is a title we reserve for the type of fashion necklaces that would set off flashbulbs on the red carpet.  If you’re looking to cause turntables to skip when you walk into a party, then our show stopper jewelry is for you!

Expect show stopper necklaces to be really unique jewelry—whether it’s a special twist in their design, extraordinary or interest-peaked jewelry. Pair with other couture jewelry to really stop the show.

Vintage Style Necklaces
Vintage jewelry is one of the latest trends in fashion—while we don’t pursue the actual vintage jewelry market at Bijou Tresor, we do offer vintage style necklaces, rings, bracelets, and other fine couture jewelry crafted by our boutique vendors.

Our antique style jewelry is reminiscent of ancient royalty around the globe—lush color and gold plating with lavish arrangements.  Our vintage style jewelry is fit for a queen at prices that won’t require a queen’s inheritance.

Swarovski Necklaces
When classify fashion jewelry as Swarovski necklaces, we mean jewelry adorned with Swarovski crystals.  Swarovski crystals have been designed over time to hold amazing light refracting qualities, causing them to glisten with color and bright sparkle. Look for Swarovski necklaces when you want to really light up a room or start a colorful conversation.