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Fashion Necklaces

Bijou Tresor’s collection of fashion necklaces are deigned to accent elegance and win you compliments, whether you’re wearing a casual outfit with friends or setting off flashbulbs on the red carpet.

Fashion necklaces are a pivotal category in our fashion jewelry collection.  While we carry timeless classic takes on pieces like the pearl necklace in our bridal jewelry collection, most of our fashion jewelry is heavily ornamented to appeal to those with more eclectic and extravagant fashion tastes.

If you picture a fashion necklace with bold ornamentation, elegant clusters, colorful gemstones and bling from cubic zirconia accents or authentic Swarovski crystals, then it’s quite likely you can picture the image of Bijou Tresor.

Online Jewelry Store
Browse our online jewelry store for fashion necklaces that will accent just about any outfit and suit anyone’s taste.  Our online jewelry store is full of fashion jewelry that comes predominantly from boutique jewelry designers and is produced in low numbers.

Don’t expect to see many others wearing the same fashion jewelry when you shop Bijou—unique jewelry is what makes Bijou’s online jewelry store so special.

Couture Jewelry
For some of our finest or most unique examples of fashion necklaces, check out our couture jewelry collection.  You can also find additional pieces in our Bridal jewelry or Swarovski jewelry collection, but we typically reserve the best of the best fashion jewelry in any price range for our fabulous couture jewelry collection.