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French Designer Collection

Our French Designer Collection of fashion jewelry is created by Colette Kahn, a French native living in Los Angeles who has studied sculpture, painting, and fashion her entire life. She discovered that fashion jewelry design was the perfect way to blend together elements of her artistic passions, using the colors, forms, and textures that inspire her.

Colette Kahn’s fashion jewelry uses Swarovski crystals to bring forth a brilliant sparkle from all her products. She combines the sophistication of European elegance with the cutting-edge trendiness of American fashion.

Bijou Trésor French Designer Collection includes items such as fashion bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, and accessories like fashion belts.

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Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry comes in all different styles, but the main goal is to make the women wearing it the center of attention, whether it be at a party, social gathering, or simply walking down the street. Our French Designer Collection from Colette Kahn is sure to do this with magnificently crafted pieces that double as works of art.

The fashion jewelry uses Swarovski crystals to magnify the intense beauty of Colette’s designer collections. The French designer often implements common features in her fashion accessories, such as butterflies, flowers, and waterfalls.Colette integrates vintage jewelry style with modern designs for stunningly radiant pieces that are sure to turn heads.