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Whether it’s an engagement ring, cocktail ring or a royal ring part of the Crown Jewels, fashion rings make up some of the most revered pieces of fashion jewelry.

About as long as fashion jewelry has existed, the ring has been an integral part of any jewel-wearer’s collection.  A symbol of eternity and commitment, fashion rings might also hold more meaning and sentiment than any other piece of jewelry.

Accessorizing Your Favorite LBD (Little Black Dress)!

Accessorizing Your Favorite LBD (Little Black Dress)!

The wonderful thing about the little black dress is that it doesn't draw attention to itself and looks like a different dress on each person. Accessories such as jewelry, scarves, and shoes help set each dress apart. Its best to accessorize according to the occasion, so choose accessories that accentuate your assets to stand out from the rest.

Featured Jewelry Items from Bijou Trésor

Featured Jewelry Items from Bijou Trésor

Take a look at these Bijou Trésor featured pieces of jewelry. Our associates scour the latest trends, fashion shows, and consumer tendencies to find select items to present on our website. We have compiled some of our favorites in this blog.

People also invest more into rings than any other single piece of jewelry—how many times have you heard of spending two month’s salary on a fashion necklace? At Bijou Tresor, our collection of fashion rings will wow you.  While we don’t specialize in wedding or engagement rings, we do carry a fine selection of bridal jewelry as well as opulent accent jewelry with color and flash.

Fashion Rings
Couture jewelry in our fashion rings collection will often be bold, beautiful and designed to make a statement.  Our collection of fashion rings comes from boutique jewelry makers, is made in extremely low numbers and exhibits some of the most bold and beautiful appointments fashion will allow.

Think full-on fashion jewelry, from the popular animal ring to cubic zirconia to large pieces ornamented with Swarovski crystals.

Cubic Zirconia Rings
CZ rings, or cubic zirconia rings, are perfect for adding sparkle to your outfit.  While cubic zirconia may not be appropriate for engagement rings, it’s certainly appropriate for ornamentation on colorful or conservative cocktail rings. 

Most of our show stopper rings are adorned with cubic zirconia to enhance sparkle, color and shine, simulating the effect and look of diamonds. Think of our cubic zirconia rings as large fashion rings in floral or animal shapes, teeming with color and sparkling from cubic zirconia accents or Swarovski crystals.

Animal Ring
The animal ring is a rising fashion trend.  While the animal ring certainly epitomizes unique jewelry and will certainly win you some compliments, it can also hold special meaning to people depending on their personalities and cultural backgrounds.  Animals have always held significance in nearly every culture. They represent strengths, weaknesses and folklore from ancient cultural roots.

Animal rings also allow for some serious show-stopper potential, creating more opportunity for the use of color, size and ornamentation. Bijou Tresor usually has quite a selection of animal rings, usually adorned with some type of cubic zirconium or Swarovski crystals for sparkle.

Bridal Rings
Bridal rings are some of our most beautiful fashion jewelry pieces, designed with elegance and the subtle, classy opulence of royalty in mind. Though Bijou Tresor doesn’t sell engagement rings or wedding rings, we do provide fashion rings within our bridal jewelry collection.

Expect our bridal rings to be a bit more demure than our typical extravagant collection, but remember at Bijou Tresor we love sparkle, shimmer and shine. Your bridal jewelry is designed to make you the center of attention on your special day.

Vintage Style Rings
Vintage style rings are some of the coolest pieces of vintage jewelry that ‘s permeating the fashion jewelry market as one of today’s greatest trends.  Bijou doesn’t sell actual vintage rings or jewelry, but we do offer new designs by boutique jewelry makers that are made with an antique look.

Our vintage style rings will be more Victorian than retro.  Expect the bold color of precious metals, and the look of timeless royalty over the traditional early Hollywood cocktail ring.

Swarovski Rings
Any pieces of fashion jewelry we describe as Swarovski rings will be bejeweled or somehow accented with authentic Swarovski crystals.  Swarovski rings are some of the most sought-after pieces of fashion jewelry because of their brilliant colors and amazing light-refracting qualities.  Whether it’s an animal ring adorned with Swarovski crystals or cubic zirconia rings with Swarovski accents, expect all of our Swarovski jewelry to be show stoppers!

Show Stopper Rings
Just what are show-stopper rings? Think big.  Our show stopper fashion jewelry collection, whether rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets, are designed for red-carpet wear.  One waft of your hand wearing a show stopper ring should mean you’ll have the entire party eating out of it.  All class, color, vibrancy and beauty, our show stopper collection is meant for those seeking some serious attention.