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Cubic Zirconia Rings

As long as they aren’t on your engagement ring, cubic zirconia can be a girl’s best friend. Cubic zirconia rings offer the sparkle of diamonds without the price tags of diamonds, meaning more fashion accessories for more outfits.

Sparkle and shine sums up our cubic zirconia ring collection. At bijou Tresor, we love color and exaggerated contours. Cubic zirconia rings add some sparkle to the bold accents of our fashion jewelry.

But our cubic zirconia collection isn’t limited to rings. You’ll find fashion earrings, fashion necklaces and fashion bracelets in the CZ category in addition to cubic zirconia rings.

Bridal Jewelry
Despite the obvious exception of engagement rings, cubic zirconia rings do find their way into our Bijou Tresor bridal jewelry collection.  Some of our bridal jewelry designed for bridal events or bridesmaids will utilize cubic zirconia to fit he traditional wedding décor. 

All of our bridal jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets and earrings is extremely unique jewelry, crafted in low numbers and sure to add to the beauty of your wedding venue.

Animal Rings
Cubic zirconia rings aren’t always for formal occasions, animal rings are a beautiful example of cubic zircona used in color. Our animal ring collection is both cute and symbolic but extremely impressive because of their bold, artful design.

Animal rings area recent trend in modern fashion, and are so beautiful that they’re sometimes found in our couture jewelry collection or show stopper categories.