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Used Panties Selling Guide

Welcome to the leader, most visited and cheapest Used Panties classifieds website on the Internet, our site is the biggest Used Panties internet marketplace, the others are just clone websites. Our service allows everybody looking for a new source of income to sell their Used Panties and earn a lot of money (up to $3000!) instead of just throwing it away.

Very important:

 – We don’t buy or sell Used Panties, we just run this Used Panties classified ads website

 – Don’t send your Used Panties until you get paid and cleared the money through Paypal !

 – Accept Paypal only as payment method unless you’re going to meet the buyer in person !

 – Make your ad featured to get maximum exposure.

 – Read carefully our heading “FAQ” for more information, and ” Avoid Scam” for our up-to-date scammers emails list.

Before you create your ad :
Provide at least 4 Used Panties photos under different lights and angles, with detailed descriptions. Used Panties photos are particularly attractive and much better than words.

Packaging Used Panties:
 – Keep your Used Pantie organized and neat, don’t wash it and make sure it’s dry.
 – Package the sold Used Pantie in an airtight bag, padded mailer, or just keep it in a plastic zip-lock bag to prevent dust and other contaminants. Don’t send it until you’ve received payment.

Used Panties shipment:
It is recommended to send your Used Panties with a tracking number. As soon as you get the number from the delivery service, please send it to the buyer. You can also send a haircut video or pictures to the purchaser as proof.
Sending with delivery confirmation also gives you seller protection when using PayPal. This may cost you more in delivery charges but it gives you optimal protection.
If you decide to meet the buyer in person, we recommend you take usual safety measures.

Selling Used Panties prices:
 – Used Panties selling prices can vary from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, depending on your virginity, age, race, location…